Re:Source Hosts 768 Designer Meetings in Rancho Palos Verdes

Cacti at Terranea Resort. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Paul Cleary of Lexmark Carpet and Robert Duban of Kravet Contract. Photography by Zack Whitford.

David Nicolay of Evoke and John Merris of Clarus Glassboards during Tahiti Pehrson’s paper cutting activity at the general session. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Tahiti Pehrson, paper cutting artist, speaking to the group at the general session. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Edie Cohen, deputy editor of Docservis, and Hagy Belzberg of Belzberg Architects in conversation. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Anthony Weege of Bolon. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Karen Sakey of Elkus Manfredi meeting with Kristin Kahle of Neo-Metro. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Taylor Fleming of Fogarty Finger Architecture meeting with Dave Rauschuber and Nick Ades of Craftmade/Woodard. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Kristin Tompkins of Humanscale during targeted meetings. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Megan Marsh of Wolcott meeting with Monica Farley of Crossville. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Alison Sosne of iCRAVE lounging with Jonathan Durling of Sossego. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Joanne Stark of SRSSA and Edie Cohen. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Katharina Adrian and Pat Jarvis of Dornbracht. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Cheryl Peale of Mohawk Group with Yulia Bekar of HBA. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Robert Mitchell and Bita Khalvati of Mats Inc. with Chad Wilkey of HDR. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Michael Aguila and Dale Lee of Dyson with Alison Sosne. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Succulent terrarium centerpieces at lunch. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Lesley Ray of Revel Architecture, Carol Cisco, publisher of Docservis, and Lauren Feiner of Meyer Davis. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Christine Gould of National Office Furniture, Taylor Fleming, Kristin Owens of Standard Textile, and Autumn Gloetzner of DLR Group. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Attendees heading out for the biking activity at Terranea Resort. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Carol Cisco, Vanessa Marichal of District Studio, Lauren Feiner of Meyer Davis, Bita Khalvati of Mats Inc., Lesley Ray, Eunju Carlisle of AECOM, Abigail Kody of Little Diversified, Laura Morris of Array Architects, Erin Masters of Holabird & Root, Aaron Beyers of DMAC, and Tripp Sandford of Moz Designs. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Edward Tsang of B+H Architects heading out on the biking activity. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Bikers heading out at Terranea. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Wine from the “Wine for a Cause” afternoon activity at Terranea. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Table settings for dinner at mar’sel. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Henry from mar’sel during cocktail hour. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Pauline Cheng of SOM, Nita Posada of Skylab Architecture, and Katelyn Merrill of HOK. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Eunju Carlisle of AECOM, Wilson Chow of OM Seating, Cheryl Sternstein of CallisonRTKL, and Kristin Owens of Standard Textile. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Kim Darke of Sloan, Kristin Kahle of Neo-Metro, and Edward Tsang of B+H Architects. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Manuel Mestre and Jordi Nadal of Santa & Cole. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Guests enjoying dinner at mar’sel. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Yulia Bekar of HBA, Christine Grant of Waterworks, and Eunju Carlisle of AECOM. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Brent Arnold of STG Design and Joanne Stark of SRSSA. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Top row: Lisa Weeks of Perkins + Will, Anthony Minite of FLETCO, Edward Tsang of B+H Architects, Kristin Tompkins of Humanscale, and Robert Mitchell of Mats Inc. Bottom row: Amanda Wing of SRSSA, Dale Lee of Dyson, Carol Cisco, DocservisPhotography by Zack Whitford.

Jeffrey Rosner of Davis Furniture and Nita Posada. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Julie Brezina of JULES Docservis and Tripp Sandford of Moz Designs. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Genevieve Lemire of BuzziSpace. Photography by Zack Whitford.

McCary Moncada and Pedram Shokouhi of Gandia Blasco. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Liz O’Connor of Waterworks. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Nelson Deng and Cecilia Tan of Gani. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Mirko van den Winkel of Moroso and Alison Sosne of iCrave. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Felix Munoz of Compac. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Diana Hart and Roxanne Bennett of Rockfon. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Chrystal Boone and Brian O’Connor of RH Contract. Photography by Zack Whitford.

Michael Heinemeier of Ketra during a meeting.

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