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3 Chinese Projects Merge Asian Tradition With Contemporary Design

A Changchun restaurant by Shanghai Hip-Pop Architectural Decoration Design Co. Photography by Zhang Jing.

Shanghai Hip-Pop Architectural Decoration Design Co. designed glass-walled restaurant Setsugekka. Photography by Zhang Jing.

Color-chasing LED lights symbolize Japan's concept of snow, moon, flowers, and the seasons of winter, fall, and spring, Photography by Zhang Jing.

Setsugekka sushi restaurant. Photography by Zhang Jing.

Color-changing LEDs in blue, yellow, and pink hues represent the  winter, fall, and spring seasons. Photography by Zhang Jing.

Exterior of Setsugekka. Photography by Zhang Jing.

The chefs work alongside restaurant patrons. Photography by Zhang Jing.

A Buddhist shrine in Tangshan by Archstudio. Photography by Wang Ning.

Interior of a Buddhist shrine in Tangshan. Photography by Wang Ning.

The exterior of the concrete structure. Photography by Jin Weiqi.

Archstudio preserved the ground's existing Japanese pagoda trees. Photography by Wang Ning.

The space is carved into a hill in Tangshan. Photography by Wang Ning.

The interior of a meditation center. Photography by Wang Ning.

CL3's restaurant, Tao Hua Yuan in Tangshan, was inspired by Chinese courtyard houses. Photography by Nirut Benjabanpot.

The restaurant is decorated with paper lanterns and scholar's rocks. Photography by Nirut Benjabanpot.

The exterior of Tao Hua Yuan in Tangshan. Photography by Nirut Benjabanpot.

A staircase inside Tao Hua Yuan. Photography by Nirut Benjabanpot.

The pavilion includes a room for practicing calligraphy. Photography by Nirut Benjabanpot.

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