Inside the Caesarstone Factory in Israel

At Caesarstone’s R&D lab, a team of 17 engineers, project managers, chemistry engineers, and designers are constantly testing new techniques, colors, and technologies in order to develop surfaces that meet the demands of a global market. Photography by David Zanardi.

Designers will make sample surfaces by hand trying to recreate the roughness, imperfection and texture of nature. Photography by Ali Morris.

Once a recipe is perfected, the process can be roughly divided into three steps, “much like baking a cake,” explains plant manager Shahaf Vax. Photography by David Zanardi.

The first step takes place in the feeding area, where the basic raw quartz material—which is mostly imported from Turkey—is fed in to the mixers through a silo. Photography by David Zanardi.

The quartz is mixed with precisely measured quantities of resin and pigment to create the different surfaces. Photography by Ali Morris.

Caesarstone produces around 80 different colors. Photography by Ali Morris.

The mixture is poured into a frame measuring 1.5 x 3 meters and in one of three thicknesses—12, 20 or 30 mm. The slabs are then baked in one of two industrial ovens at 90 degrees, left to cool for 40 minutes before heading onwards to the trimmer. Photography by Ali Morris.

Once the rough edges have been smoothly cut away by a stripe saw, the slabs are calibrated so that they are completely flat. Photography by David Zanardi.

A polishing machine equipped with 18 polishing heads, some with with diamonds, smooths the surfaces to get the desired finish. The heads can polish up to 2000 slabs before being replaced. Photography by David Zanardi.

In the QC room, a team of quality accessors check the finished slabs against reference samples, checking carefully for deviations or defects in shape, color, and finish. There is a low defect percentage, but any that don’t meet the grade go to the sample factory. Photography by David Zanardi.

The approved slabs are wrapped and packaged before being shipped out in containers that are sent all over the world. Photography by David Zanardi.

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